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Alison is one of the UK’s sought after Pilates tutor, with over 30 years experience in presenting at conventions, teaching training and teaching her own clients, she is extremely passionate about movement and anatomy.

Not only responsible for training many new Pilates teachers in the STOTT PILATES method; Alison is also certified in the New York Studio® Authentic Pilates Program, which has been developed by the legal owner of many Joseph Pilates archival documentation, Sean P. Gallagher.

Sean was responsible in developing the very first Pilates teacher training program with Romana Kryzanowska in order to preserve the method and create an international benchmark in the delivery of the Pilates method.

Additionally, Alison is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Osteopath who continues to treat many patients in both acute and chronic joint pain. All osteopathic techniques are tailored to the individual, with some patients undertaking Pilates sessions to continue their recovery.

Many of Alison’s clients have a wide range of medical conditions including osteoporosis, scoliosis, polymyositis, multiple sclerosis, thyroid issues, heart or respiratory conditions.

Alison also holds a post-graduate Animal Osteopathy (equine and canine) qualification by Stuart McGregor, the first course of its kind in the UK.

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